Friday, September 9, 2011

Life Changes!

So you think you have the job of your dreams, until "poof!" it's gone...
Change is sometimes forced upon us and is not always easy to accept. However, once the initial shock wears off, there is an open vista of opportunity awaiting the brave; a smorgasbord of options from which to choose, even in our depressing economic times. A re-evaluation of goals and dreams can occur–scary perhaps, but exciting too.

After mourning the loss of my wonderful teaching job and frantically searching and applying for teaching positions that were few and far between, I forced myself to slow down and reconsider my options, and a wonderful thing happened...a startling new alternative arose. I love tutoring individuals and small groups and I love writing, and now, that is what I am able to do. I am working to expand my student base and keep my blog updated regularly. I am launching myself into the unknown future with as much confidence as I can muster, holding on to the dream of the life I desire. I have tutored several students over the years, including home-schooling my own sons, but now is the time to share my passion with a wider audience. I hope to gain many more students this year, both home-schooled and schooled, and work with them to study literature, reading, writing, SAT prep, Latin (using my own curriculum The Little Latinist), and all the other wonderfully exciting areas of knowledge available for us to explore.

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